“Au Café de l’Europe” on radio

A radio interview in 1945 (Flickr)

Eur@dionantes, a European radio providing broadcasts on a vast array of EU-related topics, knows the power of the words and trusts them to build a European space and to supply it with:

  • Information, in order that people realize they belong to a single union.

  • Current affairs, so that people are aware of what is going on in the EU.

  • Interviews, to bring the EU officials closer to the people.

Eur@dionantes has recently offered us the opportunity to have a broadcast of our own. It is named “Au Café de l’Europe” after our French blog. Thanks to the localisation of a part of our team in Strasbourg, we will be present, once a month, in the European Parliament or the Council of Europe (which is not an EU institution!). We forecast interviews of people working in or around the EU institutions (MEPs, ambassadors, journalists…), reports from the plenary sessions in Strasbourg and debates on pre-determined topics.

The broadcast will be hosted by Pauline Armandet and me. It is also prepared by Pierre-Antoine Klethi, Emilie Stumpf and Jean-François Gérard.

The first broadcast will be on Thursday 4th October, on the topic “the democracy in Europe”, in particular because the World Forum for Democracy will take place in Strasbourg from October 5th to 11th.

We will have the pleasure to be joined by:

  • Mrs. Nawel RAFIK-ELMRINI, deputy mayor of Strasbourg, in charge of European and international affairs.

  • Mr. Ambassador Laurent DOMINATI, Permanent Representative of France to the Council of Europe.

  • Mr. Jean-Louis LAURENS, organiser of the World Forum for Democracy.

Our broadcast will then be available for podcast on our French blog and our Facebook page, as well as on Eur@dionantes’ website.

The blog will now have a voice and we hope that lots of you will listen to us!


Translation: PAK

P-S: For the non-French speakers, I will try (but I don’t promise) to summarize each month what has been said and debated. Pierre-Antoine KLETHI

2 thoughts on ““Au Café de l’Europe” on radio

  1. We really like your blog and we want to launch a new category on our blog showcasing some other articles that we find interesting and would like to occasionally also include a link to your blog and was wondering whether this would be okay for you?



    • Dear Phil,

      Thank you very much for your interest! You are totally free to re-use our content, since it is totally free and our aim is to provide information on the EU to an audience as wide as possible.


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