Hello and welcome to the English sister-site of Au Café de l’Europe!

About the blog:

The blog takes its inspiration from the French Cafés of the 19th and 20th centuries which provided a place for active political discussion. Bringing this into the 21st century, we hope that this blog will facilitate the same  sort of lively debates. So please get involved, we’d love to hear your comments!

The blog covers a wide range of topics relating to the European Union, including politics, economics and culture and we try to provide a broad range of content; from single commentaries to videos and thematic weeks. To read more about what we stand for and what we are trying to achieve click here to read our manifesto.

The main contributors to the blog are native French speakers so please note that all content on this blog, and much more besides, can be found on the French version.  We are working hard to provide all of our content in English and we have just welcomed Jessica Bethom to the team, who will be working with us to translate our material into English.

We hope that you enjoy our site and if you have any suggestions, comments or are interested in contributing please contact us at: aucafedeleurope@gmail.com.

About the Contributors:

Pauline Armandet; founded ”Au Café de l’Europe” in September 2011, while spending her year abroad studying in the UK. She is about to start her 4th year of university at the IEP Strasbourg and specialises in European and International relations.

Pierre-Antoine Klethi joined the team in March 2012. He was born in Germany and grew up in Luxembourg before studying at the IEP Strasbourg and Science-Po Paris where he graduated with a Master’s degree in European Economic Law. He will be taking an LLM in European Law at King’s College in September 2012. He contributes mostly to the federalism and economic side of the blog. You can click here to access his full profile !

We also have several part-time contributors: Gilles Johnson (Collège d’Europe in Natolin),Adrien Ramelet, Floriane Richter (IEP Strasbourg), Anthony Perrett (Loughborough University)

Jessica Bethom is the newest member to the team and is working hard to improve the English version of blog by updating and correcting current articles and translating new articles from the French site. She has a degree in Modern Languages and European Politics from the University of Birmingham.

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