Testimony: Why I am #withJuncker and will vote for an EPP member party

Jean-Claude Juncker, EPP candidate for President of the European Commission.

Jean-Claude Juncker, EPP candidate for President of the European Commission.

I choose Jean-Claude Juncker, because we need a strongly pro-European President of the Commission. Member of the Christian Social Party, coming from one of the founding Member States, Jean-Claude Juncker’s commitment to a deeper European integration is well known.

I choose Jean-Claude Juncker, because we need an experienced President of the Commission. Former Prime Minister and minister for Finance of his country, he has the political and economic experience needed to help Europe to get out of the crisis stronger than when entering it. In addition, Jean-Claude Juncker showed he is a bridge builder, an artisan of unity both internally – he led several coalition governments – and on the international level, especially between France and Germany.

Today, Jean-Claude Juncker is ready for a new challenge at the head of the European People’s Party (EPP), the great European family of centre-right, to promote a Europe sure of its values ​​– freedom, solidarity, responsibility, respect, fraternity – and a Union proud of its achievements. Indeed, the European Union remains the most ambitious and successful peace project in the world. Moreover, even if the management of the crisis was not perfect, the essentials were saved: the EU and the euro area have not fallen apart, the debt crisis was not too contagious, and most European leaders finally realised the need for a deeper European integration which is supported by many citizens, despite what some populist parties claim.

EPP’s Europe is a Europe of freedom and fundamental rights: freedom of movement within the Union, freedom to launch a business and to innovate, freedom to express and defend one’s opinions, right to privacy, right to participate in political life, right to security, right to effective and high quality public services.

EPP’s Europe is a Europe of solidarity and brotherhood : solidarity between citizens of different generations and different backgrounds within our European family; solidarity among members of northern and southern, eastern and western, richer or poorer Member States, through instruments such as the cohesion policy and the solidarity measures implemented during the crisis; solidarity with the citizens of neighbouring countries, including Ukraine, and beyond – I am referring, e.g., to development aid that the EPP wants to increase.

EPP’s Europe is a Europe of responsibility and respect: responsibility towards future generations by improving the protection of the environment and the state of public finances; individual responsibility rather than entering into the logic of being assisted; mutual respect within our diversity; responsibility of the EU in today’s world, which requires developing foreign policy and defence.

EPP’s Europe is an ambitious and courageous Europe: a Europe ready to deepen its political integration to strengthen our union; a Europe that is inventing new ways to bring together citizens from diverse backgrounds; a Europe seeking new sources of growth (other than debt) and employment, for example by deepening the single market, particularly in the digital, research, education (Erasmus+), energy and transport areas, as well as developing “green jobs”; a Europe ready to short-term sacrifices to favour a long-term rebound; “a Europe that allows Europeans to fall in love again with Europe” as Jean-Claude Juncker said.

Jean-Claude Juncker has the talent and perseverance to put Europe back on the tracks of unity, growth and solidarity. He has the convictions to make Europe stronger, fairer and closer to us.

So don’t hesitate: vote for a member of the EPP party and support Jean-Claude Juncker!

Pierre- Antoine KLETHI

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