EU candidates’ quotes: 16 May

Juncker (EPP), Schulz (PES), Verhofstadt (ALDE), Bové & Keller (Greens) and Tsipras (GUE/NGL). Sources : Wikimedia Commons (EPP; Superbenjamin; White House; David Monniaux; Sarah Benke; FrangiscoDer). For licence to reuse, check the relevant links.

Juncker (EPP), Schulz (PES), Verhofstadt (ALDE), Bové & Keller (Greens) and Tsipras (GUE/NGL).
Sources : Wikimedia Commons (EPP; Superbenjamin; White House; David Monniaux; Sarah Benke; FrangiscoDer). For licence to reuse, check the relevant links.

Ska Keller (Greens)

Europe: “Europe must deliver on social protection and climate change. That way, we will revive the European dream.” (Eurovision debate)

Voting: “People care about what happens in Europe, but they mistrust the institutions, for example the European Parliament. So they think voting is useless.” (Eurovision debate)

Basic common rights: “We need to apply the same rules everywhere: basic freedoms and antidiscrimination rules shall apply everywhere.” (Eurovision debate)

Austerity: “There is austerity is Spain because of banks’ debts and speculation. […] Tax evasion is the big problem!” (Eurovision debate)

Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE)

Growth: “We need a new strategy for growth, but it must be without debt. We need to use other ideas, e.g., the digital single market. (Eurovision debate)

Debt crisis: “In Greece, Italy and Portugal, the problems were not the banks but government spending.” (Eurovision debate)

Euro: “Going back to national currencies would be against citizens’ interests.” (Eurovision debate)

Russia/Ukraine: “We must not show weakness against Putin. Otherwise, it will set a bad precedent. […] We need personal sanctions against Putin’s inner circle; that’s the only language he understands.” (Eurovision debate)

Immigration: “We need a common framework for legal economic migration to reduce illegal immigration and human trafficking. […] We don’t do enough for refugees [e.g., the Syrian ones].” (Eurovision debate)

Alexis Tsipras (GUE/NGL)

TTIP: “The European Left refuses the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). This transatlantic market will lead to major social and cultural regression in Europe. We want to unite all sectors and citizens threatened by the Treaty, in agriculture, industry, audio-visual broadcasting, in the world of work in general, the environment, and culture. We demand a public information campaign and a referendum on the TTIP in every country where possible. We want to immediately stop the negotiations on the treaty.” (European Left’s website)

European Central Bank (ECB): “The European Central Bank will be allowed to directly lend money to states at low (or null) rates without any political or economic conditionality. If the European Central Bank lends money to states directly, then speculation against public debt will stop immediately.” (European Left’s website)

Jean-Claude Juncker (EPP)

Democracy: “Citizens must become lobbyists of democracy by going to vote! […] We cannot forbid lobbies, but they must become more transparent.” (Eurovision debate)

Europe: “I want a united Europe […] a Europe that allows citizens to fall in love again with Europe.” (Eurovision debate, Twitter)

Public spending: “We talk too much about billions, but we also spend too many billions.” (Eurovision debate)

Greece: “I worked days and nights […] during years to keep Greece in the Eurozone. I did it because I love Greece and because it’s Greece’s right place.” (Eurovision debate, Twitter)

Immigration: “More development aid will reduce illegal immigration. In addition, we need common rules for legal migration.” (Eurovision debate)

Martin Schulz (PES)

Citizens: “Citizens are waiting for another Europe, which puts their interests first. […] A more social Europe will gain back the hearts of voters.” (Eurovision debate)

Europe: “People are paying for a crisis other people have caused. I want an EU that is just and fair. My Commission will fight against tax fraud and tax evasion, and for youth employment.” (Eurovision debate)

Unemployment: “Where unemployment is highest, SMEs do not have enough access to credit. A micro-credit programme would help.” (Eurovision debate)

Corruption: “We need to tackle corruption more strongly, not only at EU level but also at national level. (Eurovision debate)

Next Commission’s President: “Heads of State and government will have to respect the choice of voters. Otherwise, there will be no majority in the European Parliament. […] The next President of the Commission is here and you are talking with him.” (Eurovision debate)

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