Our webdocumentary: “The faces of the European Parliament”

A realisation by the team of "Au Café de l'Europe"

A realisation by the team of “Au Café de l’Europe”

A month before the 2014 European elections, the team of Au Café de l’Europe is pleased to present its web documentary entitled “Les visages du Parlement européen” (The faces of the European Parliament) – in French.

The project ran between October 2013 and February 2014. We met twelve people, all working for the European Parliament. We collected their testimony, in front of the camera, on two main topics:

– Discover their job: MEP, European journalist, lobbyist, radio technician, cook, usher… All these professions coexist within the European Parliament. Talking about them is a way to breathe life into the institution.

– Understand their vision of Europe: everyone has his/her own definition of what is the European Union. And that’s also Europe: a variety of citizens, a plurality of definitions.

The goal: a few weeks before an election where abstention risks once again reaching very high levels, we wanted simply through our approach to make Europe more concrete and humane. That’s why we let our interlocutors talk quite freely, and most importantly, we ask the same questions to each of them. The word of an MEP has the same value as that of a technician or a public servant.

What this web documentary is:

  • A series of human testimonies, clear and understandable by all.
  • A creation by bloggers and students, beyond the academic framework, simply motivated by the idea of working on an educational (and not exhaustive) presentation of what is happening inside the European Parliament.

This web documentary is not:

  • A politically-oriented message, where we meet members seeking to use us to campaign.
  • An extensive list of the multiple jobs coexisting within the European Parliament.

From April 25th, discover the web documentary “Les visages du Parlement européen” on: www.aucafedeleurope.com (our French version).

Press Contacts:

Pauline ARMANDET, Editor. Mobile phone: 00032 4 90 43 41 90; E-mail: pauline.armandet@gmail.com; Twitter: @PaulineArmandet

Esteban WENDLING, Project Manager. Mobile phone: 0033 6 84 59 46 09; E-mail: esteban.wendling@gmail.com; Twitter: @EstebanWen

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