Elected representatives’ ideal Europe

Jean-Claude Juncker (EPP candidate for President of the Commission during 2014 European elections): “In Europe as I conceive it, there is no “saintly North” and “sinful South”. We need to reunite Europe. The world is changing. New poles of power are emerging. As President of the Commission, I will work night and day to make Europe an influential power at the heart of this new world and to ensure that Europe embodies the values ​​of peace and democracy better than anyone else. I want it to be at the forefront of innovation and to become an ideal destination for talent of all origins. But above all, I want a Europe which cares about the well-being of its citizens and which continues to have high standards in terms of social benefits and quality of life.” (Translation by PAK; original in French)

Martin Schulz (EP President and PES candidate for President of the Commission during 2014 European elections): “My ideal Europe is a Europe that puts the citizen at the center of the European project. It is for him that Europe was created. We forget this too often.” (Translation by PAK; original in French)

English translation of the video:

Roland Ries, Mayor of Strasbourg (PS): “My ideal Europe is the Europe of the citizens, the Europe of democracy, the Europe of human rights, and it is not technocratic Europe. Of course, we need some technical aspects in the European construction, but technicians should not have the precedence over policymakers – and when I talk about policymakers, I mean everyone: everyone is a policymaker; every citizen is a policymaker who has delegated this responsibility to an elected representative for a given period, but who should not forget this responsibility. This democratic Europe is essential today. Otherwise, from my point of view, we’ll go straight into the wall and there is a risk of failure of this beautiful dream that the European construction is.” (Translation by PAK; original in French)

Nawel Rafik-Elmrini, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg in charge of European Affairs (PS): “My ideal Europe is a social Europe, a Europe with greater equality, a more united Europe, a more inclusive Europe, a Europe that puts the citizen back in the centre of its concerns and its priorities, a Europe that gives a voice to citizens and allows them to participate in building its future. A Europe with a future, it is a Europe that includes citizens.” (Translation by PAK; original in French)

Catherine Trautmann, MEP until May 2014 (PS): “My ideal Europe is a Europe in which every citizen feels involved and can develop a sense of belonging. It’s a Europe where economic issues are placed, I would say, behind social rights and the cultural appropriation of the European project, which is something that I believe to be absolutely essential. Peace is an achievement, but a fragile achievement. We must achieve social peace, peace between men and women. This is a direct peace, maybe closer to reality every day, and yet it is essential when you see the populist and nationalist risk, where everyone recreates borders, even within our own countries. So I think that an ideal Europe is a Europe that has regained the strength of its freedom, unity and solidarity.” (Translation by PAK; original in French)

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