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Jean-Claude Juncker for stability and competence in Luxembourg and Europe

“Let’s look together forward”. Jean-Claude Juncker, PM of Luxembourg, leads his CSV party at the legislative elections on 20 October 2013. (Source:

The legislative elections will take place on October 20th in Luxembourg. As always, national elections also have an impact at European level, even in the case of a small country like Luxembourg, since each Member State is represented in the European Council and can veto decisions which have to be adopted unanimously. In my eyes, Jean -Claude Juncker, outgoing Prime Minister and leader of the CSV (Christian-Social Party, a member of the EPP), is a guarantor of stability and competence both in Luxembourg and at European level. 

Jean- Claude Juncker chaired during 9 years the Eurogroup, which brings together the finance ministers of the Eurozone. His discrete style and his prudence were criticised, but these features were also his strength: away from media controversy, he did his best to reconcile the divergent positions of the Member States to preserve the integrity of the euro area. He is also one of the first European leaders to have recognised that fiscal discipline should be complemented by a policy of smart spending to boost growth and employment. Some countries have suffered (and still suffer) from austerity cures, but the situation is starting to improve, even in Greece. Ireland and Portugal have already returned to growth. And, more importantly, no member of the Eurozone had to leave it. Jean-Claude Juncker therefore has a positive balance as head of the Eurogroup. His expertise and competence have also been quickly regretted during the chaotic negotiations on Cyprus’ bailout. It is better to take the time to make the right choice rather than adopting a hasty decision which is source of instability…

Jean-Claude Juncker and the CSV are committed to further European integration. In line with the tradition of the Fathers of Europe, one of which – Robert Schuman – was half Luxembourgish, the CSV defends a clearly pro-European orientation and the use of the Community method (as opposed to the intergovernmental method which too often leads to a bargaining between large countries). Thus, the CSV supports the banking union and the introduction of Eurobonds in the medium term, in order to strengthen the economic and monetary union. Regarding institutions, Christian-Socials suggest a permanent President of the Eurogroup and, more importantly, the fusion of the positions of President of the European Commission and President of the European Council to strengthen the external visibility of the European Union and internal political cohesion.

Jean-Claude Juncker and the CSV also defend a fair and united Europe. Thus, the CSV maintains the position of the Prime Minister during his term as President of the Eurogroup: the crisis in the Eurozone requires efforts from debtor countries, but also measures of solidarity from States enjoying better economic and financial conditions. The stability of the Eurozone requires efforts from all. In addition, the CSV proposes the creation of a minimum basis of social rights across Europe to protect the poorest and most vulnerable citizens. Moreover, the protection of citizens must also be achieved by adopting common European rules for the protection of private data.

A vote for the CSV and Jean-Claude Juncker is a vote for competence, fairness, responsibility and solidarity in Luxembourg and Europe, a vote for a Europe closer to its citizens and which provides them with tangible benefits, a vote for a stronger Europe, united in its diversity just like Luxembourg.

Pierre-Antoine KLETHI

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