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Letter from a young Turkish demonstrator

Protests in Istanbul

Protests in Istanbul

What is happening in Istanbul right now cannot be explained with words.

It started as a protest of the demolitıon of a green park in Taksim to build a shopping mall there, but then things got quite intense. This is no longer about a green park or a shopping mall, this is a civil uprising. 

People want to walk for their freedom, and for their rights to protest things that the conservative government has been trying to impose.

People wanted to protest the dictatorship of the prime minister Tayyip Erdoğan. His reaction was to order the police to attack people.

Protesters had no guns, no weapons, nothing but water and lemon in hand because police had thrown excessive amounts of pepper gas. When the pepper spray and tear gas had begun to become ineffective, the police started to use a chemical weapon called Agent Orange, which is illegal to use on civilians. This so called chemical hasn’t been used since the Vietnam War.

Protests in Istanbul

Protests in Istanbul

The people are peaceful — the police are violent. Police pretended to give up on Taksim square, waited until people gathered there, then started throwing pepper gas bombs on them again.

The prime minister watched all of it, and said “Police and Istanbul Governor are responsible for this.” Turks know who police and the governors get their orders from.

The dictator prime minister then threatened people, saying “If you gathered 100 thousand people, I can gather a million”

Police is attacking houses as well, throwing pepper gas bombs through windows of random houses. All this is happening under the order of Tayyip.

Military is helping out the people, distributing gas masks and help. Doctors are in the protest areas helping the injured, pharmacies giving out free medicine, lots of cafes and restaurants giving out free food and drinks to people.

Turkish media has been silenced, facebook and twitter get shut down repeatedly. They may shut down internet or the mobile communication for all that we know.

Turkish media is showing beauty contests, soap operas, comedy shows. My mom in Adana had no idea this morning what was happening here. She was watching “What should I wear today?” on TV.

What should I wear? I should wear a gas mask, a backpack full of water and lemons, light clothes to be able to move quickly if and when the police attacks.

Protests in Istanbul

Protests in Istanbul

Because this is revolution, and something big is coming. Entire Turkey is protesting right now. People are talking about taking down the government, people want the dictator Tayyip to resign.

It seems that the Dictator Tayyip won’t back off which may lead to a civil war.

I say bring it on.

Let’s go and get our freedom back. Send your support to Turks, we will need it. Call the Turkish Embassies and Consulates in your countries and ask them what is going on. Email your government and ask why they are not helping people here. Clearly human rights are being taken away here, lots of people getting injured, some dying. Try to help, try to increase awareness. Thank you!

A young Turkish demonstrator

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