Seat of the European Parliament: the CJEU says “NO” to the anti-Strasbourg side

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has just published a judgment favourable to France’s stance that challenged the modified calendar of plenary sessions of the European Parliament (EP) in Strasbourg for 2012 and 2013, according to which some of them were to be shortened. 

We welcome this decision of the Court which relies on essential Treaty provisions:

– The seat of the EP is in Strasbourg.

– The 12 plenary sessions must take place in Strasbourg throughout the year.

We therefore call upon the European Parliament to modify its 2013 calendar in order to re-establish the monthly session as set by the treaties.

We deplore the fact that the anti-Strasbourg lobby led the MEPs to act in a manner inconsistent with the treaties in order to reach its goals. This lobby continues to challenge permanently the seat of the EP in Strasbourg, using debatable means and arguments.

For the European citizens, the seat of the EP in Strasbourg is not a coincidence or the artificial result of Treaty provisions. This localisation asserted itself to the Founding Fathers, because this city is closely linked to the European history. Furthermore, European parliamentary democracy is rooted in Strasbourg since 1949 and the EP has its seat there since 1962. Moreover, this location reflects the principle of geographical diversity according to which our common institutions and public bodies are spread among the territory of all Member States. The treaties only confirm these facts.

For all these reasons, we deeply wish that Strasbourg be up to the requirements linked to its status of European capital and we welcome all measures adopted by national and local authorities, as well as by the private actors concerned. Regarding these matters, the report “For or against the European Parliament seat in Strasbourg?”, published by the AEJE in February 2012, includes 22 recommendations to be implemented in order to meet the expectations of the MEPs and the other actors involved in the EP sessions.

Pauline Armandet : Présidente Au Café de l’Europe                                 

Valérie Blum : Présidente Strasbourg Pour l’Europe

François Friederich : Président du Mouvement Européen Alsace

Vincent Gouvion :  Président du Cercle Daniel Riot

Pierre Loeb : Co-Président Association Européenne des Jeunes Entrepreneurs (website)

Nicolas Snowman : Président Démocratie Européenne

Jean-Baptiste Mathieu : Président Union des Fédéralistes Européens Alsace

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