Member and neighbour States

The Cypriot Presidency of the Council of the EU

Following our Thematic Week on the Euro zone crisis, our second Thematic Week will this time be dedicated to the Cypriot Presidency of the Council of the EU (from 1st July to the 31st December). Below, you can access directly the articles by clicking on their titles.

Here is a list of articles scheduled :

1. Monday 6th August: The history of Cyprus (Floriane Richer)
2. Tuesday 7th August: One island, Two realities (Gilles Johnson)
3. Wednesday 8th August: The troubles faced by the Cypriot economy (Pierre-Antoine Klethi)
4. Thursday 9th August: The priorities of the Cypriot Presidency (Pauline Armandet)
5. Friday 10th August: European Bloggers invited to the EU by the Cypriot Presidency (Estelle Delaine)
6. Saturday 11th August: Account of an Erasmus Student in Cyprus (Jean-Baptiste Maillard)
7. Sunday 12th August: Au Café de l’Europe’s interview with the Permanent Representative of Cyprus at the EU (Pierre-Antoine Klethi)

From all of us here at Au Café de l’Europe, we wish you a very happy Thematic Week.

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