The European identity: a fundament of a political Union

“How European do you feel?” is a project by Christos Floros, former student at the European School of Luxembourg, on his blog wordscover.me. Don’t hesitate to participate and send him/us your video answers.

He leads us to think about the topic of the European identity, whose existence is often disputed. Now that we seem to go towards a deeper European integration, with the implementation of a political Union, I believe this question becomes most important.

In this video, I answer relying mostly on my personal course, especially the fact that I am also an alumni of this school (you can find here our article on the European schools – in French). I insist on what we have in common, despite our different origins: a “European history”, multilingualism, common values, the European citizenship…

Yes, I am convinced that a European identity exists, even if only because, like many other people, I deeply feel European.

You can also click here to discover our article on how to create a European identity.

Pierre Antoine Klethi

One thought on “The European identity: a fundament of a political Union

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